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  • Hi, Idk how to write ticket xd, but i created my acc now and i cant log on in in game :/, maybe because i havent any confirmation email ? can someone help plss

  • My character at bug right now

    i dont remember which mab i think gebra on the story guest the hole in the wall doesnt seen anymore i clicked and closed after that without taking the guest and then it disappeared

    it happened 1 month or long i gave up and i will re start can you fix this bug

  • Hello, I have a Problem, I have Windus 7, I have downloaded the game, went, LED Login password, go to the character, and I flies immediately, please help

  • Здравствуйте, у меня проблема, у меня есть Windus 7, я скачал игру, зашел, привел пароль для входа, зашел к персонажу, и я тут же летаю, пожалуйста помогите

  • I'm lv 89 and i have to do the ''Lv 90 Evade Target - Level 3'' mission, i dont have the mission in the right part of the monitor, but when i go to "Lapart" to get the mission and i press "Accept" it seems to be already taken .

  • I need help please no longer come in on my archer Name: On3Shot

  • Hey GmArrow :)

    I can't go in with my character anymore there is always a connection, but nothing happens can you please help me? on another one but not on my archer

  • Hello Arrow, i just created an account but no confirmation mail is sent... could you check please.

  • Hello arrow, I got ban on nickname MacroAids, because of one leave in BR when my internet accidentely droppped. I think you can make exception, because of one leave.....

  • hello arrow, can you kick me of my own guild pls? i want to switch to a other guild.

  • on username Thatsmyname

  • Hey, i won boss wars and i got MVP but i didnt get the chest for MVP boss wars pls can you fix it ?

  • Hello GM ,

    i just entered this website and i dont really know where to ask questions , so i am sorry if this is not the right way to do it.

    How long does it take after the account creation until you are able to actually log in to the game ? It just says my account informations are not correct, but they are.

    Thanks for your help and feel free to just delete the comment if this isnt the right way

  • Can I know why did I get ban ?

  • i cant use Q,W,E..when i started game was everything fine and after one hour i couldnt use q,w,e.. i reset keyboard nothing..i restart nothing..i uninstall and install again..nothing..i change q,w,e with another letters and again nothing..

  • Can you please tell me how to delete my account?

  • Code
    1. I have a major problem, create an account on 09/18/2019 in 4Vision, try to enter it but I do not remember my data, I have access to email, but when trying to make a password reset I do not receive any email,please help me
  • Code
    1. Tengo un problema importante, creo una cuenta el 18/09/2019 en 4Vision, intento ingresarla pero no recuerdo mis datos, tengo acceso al correo electrónico, pero cuando intento restablecer la contraseña no recibo ningún correo electrónico
  • I can not register to the game.

    Failed to sent email..

  • can donate with paysafe id sent the code first in gm?

  • I cant open game now i dont know why, i try to open game but nothing happen when i press Start, i already uninstall and reinstall it but still in the same problem :( what can i do?

    help please :c

  • Hallo

    ich würde gerne das Spiel spielen, jedoch besitze ich einen Mac mit der Software macOS Catalina 10.15. Ist das Spiel dafür kompatibel?

  • Hello, i found a huge issue into the server. When you Choose Evocator as your class and you pass the level 46, you are not able to upgrade your Demon and Angel Skills! Plese fix it.

    How can i send ticket?

    • it does work. i guess you just dont have enough money, skill or system points.

  • Hallo ich habe mir das spiel gerade runtergeladen und gestartet bin auch eingelogt nur sehe ich kein HUD was kann ich tun?

  • answer the tickets please...



  • kann ich die ts daten von balla haben?

  • i didn't get an email with the activate code