22.07.2021 Patchnotes

  • Sky Islands

    • Added a button to reset the cooldown of your skills
    • Buffs, AOEs and other high cooldown skills are not reset
    • Using it while dueling, the cooldowns of your duel partner will be reset aswell
    • "Destructive Hit" works on Sky Islands now
    • Priests cannot support others while dueling anymore


    • Added a duo Battle Royale(2vs2) at 02:00 CET (Monday - Friday = Solo | Saturday - Sunday = Team)
    • Monthly/Weekly rankings show personal stats on top of the UI now
    • Added an "Open All" button for all kind of treasure chests which opens all chests from the selected item slot
    • The return duration of unpaid bills has been reduced from 3 days to 4 hours
    • Adjusted the name of "Divine Courage" and "Chaos Arrow" to more commonly used names for skill pings
    • AFK players in a battlemode queue will be kicked automatically after 30 minutes

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a teleport-freeze bug
    • Fixed a bug when applying a stun on a target which has the same stun (from another player) expiring, causing the stun take no effect
    • The dummy in Sky Islands no longer reflects stuns or other negative effects
    • Fixed some very rare skill bugs
    • When donating life, the UI updates instantly now
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.