14.07.2021 Patchnotes

  • Miscellanious

    • Tabbed out users are now notified when they join a battlemode
    • After finishing a duel or arena, your cooldowns from your buffs are set to the orignal cooldown again
    • You keep your original buffs and cooldowns when returning from Playground now
    • You can ping your "shift-skills" aswell now
    • Every team in BR has their own color/effect now
    • Extended the text display of the BR kill and honor UI(it no longer shows ".." anymore)
    • Boss Wars minimum level to participate has been increased to 34
    • Whisper from Gamemasters are now displayed in the whisper chat

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed multiple skill hacks
    • Fixed plenty of bugs conerning the new mount system
    • Fixed tournament bags beeing moveable when having the bag lock enabled
    • Fixed BR assist display wasn't updated instantly
    • Fixed a rare issue with the distribution of the mission war buff after loosing the battle
    • Fixed a bug when getting enough experience points to level up more than one level
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.