24.06.2021 Patchnotes

  • Battle Royale Assist System

    • An assist system has been implemented to Battle Royale
    • Dealing a minimum of 30% of max HP grants you an assist now
    • Priests and Evocators still receive them like before
    • The damage counter resets when you haven't dealed any damage to the target for 20 seconds
    • 3 assists equal one kill for the reward calculation (unchanged for priests and evocators)


    • The mount mechanic has been reworked to improve its performance
    • Reduced rewards from the world boss will still be distributed if it hasn't been killed in under 25 minutes
    • World Boss HP has been reduced (10 mio -> 7,5 mio & 25 mio -> 20 mio)
    • Kingdom Balance Buff is enabled on world boss maps now
    • Added a comment to request the current online time of your character -> "/online"
    • Country display in the overall honor ranking shows the supported country now

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue the game turned into a blackscreen when you were dead and the engine was turned off
    • You cannot use the private shop to get through walls anymore
    • Fixed an issue the Battle Royale class display wasn't updating lifetime

    Item Shop

    • Added
      • Kokuma Swimwear
      • Mirhur Swimwear
      • Tebekut Swimwear
      • Hawaiian Headdress
      • Hawaiian Clothing
    • Removed
      • Protective Goggles
      • Protective Shirt
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.