World Boss & BR Tournament

  • World Boss

    • A world boss spawns now daily at 18:00 and 20:00 CET
    • At 18:00 a small world boss spawns in the center of the Crypta
    • At 20:00 a large world boss spawns in a randomized map (Hesed/Ardir/Gebra/Tyco)
    • A register button will be available to directly teleport to the chosen location
    • The button is useable as long as the world boss is alive
    • Meanwhile the boss is alive both countries have their own spawn with a safe area
    • A minimum damage has to be dealt to claim a reward
      • Archer, Wizard & Evocator = 1% of max HP
      • Warrior & Assasin = 0.5% of max HP
      • Priest = 0.1% of max HP
    • Everyone who is able to claim a reward will receive 30x Unseen Spirit + for each additional dealt percentage you will receive another Unseen Spirit ( if someone dealt 6% damage the player will receive 35 Unseen Spirits(max +20))
    • The player who dealt the most damage will receive an extra 200% Serendipity Potion
    • By opening the map you can check the location

    New Effects

    • For a better view use the ingame preview function


    • Your armor type is now transferred into battlemodes
    • Battle Royale registered class-type percentages are now displayed
    • Added class icons to the Playground UI
    • Inventories can now be locked so they cannot be moved arround
    • An option has been added to highlight your party members in mass pvp
    • Added new daily quests for Battleground and World Boss
    • All guardian angels are now tradable
    • Fixed an issue with chat bans and skill pings
    • Quests in ancient ardir have to be completed on your own country's npc
    • Mission War death timer stacks now until 15 deaths
    • Private shops cannot be closed with the ESC key anymore
    • Added a confirm window when clicking on the Discord or Facebook popup
    • Skins from Sky Islands can be previewed aswell
    • Moon Crystals can now be found in the auctioneer
    • Fixed an issue with having a cash whip on the additional skillbar in battlemodes
    • Every language pack can now use "/comment"

    Battle Royale Tournament

    • For more information click here
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