25.05.2021 Patchnotes

  • Preview

    • Visuals such as effect scrolls, items, mounts and companions can be previewed by pressing ALT + mouseclick on any item


    • Removed UI lock while beeing feared -> actions such as chatting, moving camera, tabbing and more are now possible
    • Avatar tournament's minimum level to register has been increased to 93
    • Added a preview button to the cash shop

    Bug Fixes

    • Pinging skills shouldn't be shown to the enemy country anymore
    • Daily tournaments don't end Playground matches anymore
    • Fixed an issue to keep buffs while playing playground
    • Fixed a bug with moving items while upgrading
    • Digniffied Suffering doesn't effect monsters in Boss Wars anymore
    • Fixed the weapon speed from some non upgradeable skins

    Item Shop

    Added Costumes

    • Protective Goggles
    • Protective Shirt

    Added Companion

    • Lunar Gladiator
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.