11.05.2021 Patchnotes

  • Additional Skillbar

    • The right "Shift Skillbar" can now be used and customized with own skills and items
    • You can enable it in the settings
    • All medal skills are removed from the game
    • The automatic mana potion feature also works from this skillbar

    Ping Skill System

    • It is now possible to inform your teammates about your abilities' cooldowns
    • Press ALT + mouseclick on the skill to send a chat message
    • Only normal and party chat can be used


    • Added the possibility to get and put items from/into your cash-deposit by double clicking
    • Gemstones stay in their upgrading slot now
    • To prevent mistakenly sending items/gold without the bill function, a captcha has to be solved now
    • Removed unecessary message box when summoning mounts in BR/BW
    • Added kill & assist information to the castle war reward letter
    • Removed mission war monsters from Yesode and Blonea
    • Added a deathtimer in mission war
      • Less than 5 deaths = no deathtimer
      • More than 5 deaths = death count * 1 second
      • More than 10 deaths = 10 seconds

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed invisible throwing axe using crossbow/bow hit
    • Assasin teleport works properly in water now
    • Fixed an issue looping auto attacks not shooting sometimes
    • Fixed challenger title
    • Adjusted guild combat level requirements from higher levels (level 5+)
    • Fixed BR Wins in battle mode ranking
    • Corrected some descriptions and collisions


    • Added victory/defeat screen in CTF & MW
    • "New Location" function is now disabled in the last 5 minutes
    • Changed "Duke" titel requirement from 500 gold to 5000 gold
    • Castle war balance buff only applies when the country is also losing now
    • Reduced lightning in Highland
    • Summoner's "Pressure wave" cannot miss anymore
    • Added "Angry Berit" companion to the item shop
  • Vision

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