01.05.2021 Patchnotes

  • Capture the Flag

    • Another custom map has been added to the map pool for medium sized lobbies
    • Fixed a display bug for the one who carries the flag

    Battle Royale

    • It is now possible to spawn on a new location even if your teammates are still alive to prevent spawn farming
    • If you are dead you can start a vote to spawn on a new random location
    • At least one teammate has to agree
    • Once the vote was successful the player who started the vote will spawn on the new location
    • 20 seconds cooldown


    • Email only login has been postponed to 07.05.2021

    Castle War

    • Reworked some parts of the Ardir/Gebra map

    Item Shop

    • Beast Gladiator Companion has been added
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.