23.04.2021 Patchnotes

  • Capture the Flag

    • Added a new custom map to the map pool
    • What's different compared to the current one?
      • You will only find one flag in the center of the map
      • The goal of this is to encourage aggressive playstyle
      • There is a 2 second charge time to pick up the flag
      • To capture the flag you have to bring the flag to the king of your base

    Credit Shop

    • Added the following items
      • First-Class Healing Potion
      • First-Class Mana Potion
      • Rank Boost +50%
      • Rank Boost (Openworld)
      • Speed Potion
      • Potion of Skill Improvement
      • Book of Inspiration
      • Cash Whip (24 hours)
      • Serendipity Potion 200%
      • Packages for each class with full level 1 +22 eq sets (7 days)


    • Removed the possibility to climb the mountain in the doc 70 map in mission war
    • Mercenary requests don't close shops anymore
    • Removed easter themed items from the item shop
    • Crystal Core's drop chance from ardir chests has slightly been increased
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.