Battleground & More

  • Battleground


    • At the beginning of the match there are three Titans at strategic points in the middle of the battlefield
    • Drive the Titans into the enemy base and defeat them there
    • You win if you have defeated two of those Titans
    • The teams need to defeat the Titans as quickly as possible to ensure victory


    • You can queue up as solo and duo
    • Your equipment level is always set to 0 at the beginning of each match
    • Your jewellery, options and companions are transferred
    • Titans don't attack you
    • Turrets can detect invisible targets


    • You can also choose to host a private match with your friends
    • Just click on the private button, invite your friends and start the game
    • You can also set equal equipment and companions to all participants
    • Map can be choosen aswell
    • No rewards


    • Winners -> 6 Battleground chests + 100 rankpoints
    • Losers -> 2 Battleground chests
    • All rewards may at any time be changed or adjusted


    • For Battleground we have made a special matchmaking that implements a truly fair balancing of both teams in terms of classes
    • The match will only start if the following criteria are met:
      • There must be at least 2 solo players registered, so that a split on both teams of 5 is possible at all
      • The class combinations of all registered solos and duos must be able to fulfill one of the matchings listed below in the spoiler,
        which have been classified as equivalent and are therefore playable in a fair way
    • If there are at least 10 players registered and the game still cannot start, it will be stated in the chat why this is the case, so that you as a player can react to it if necessary

    Battleground & Boss Wars Ranking

    • First three places are rewarded with eclusive cloaks which last until the next ranking reset
    • It resets every week from Sunday to Monday night
    • Scoring
      • Kill = 1 Point
      • Assist = 1 Point
      • Win = 100 Points


    • Archer
      • Chaos Arrow cast time reduced 200ms -> 150ms
      • Poison Arrow cast time reduced 200ms -> 150ms
      • Mana Arrows cast time reduced 300ms -> 250ms
    • Wizard
      • Flame Missiles use the jumping animation now
      • Flame Shackels duration reduced 10s -> 7s
    • Evocator
      • Dark & Holy Ritual's cooldown increased 16,74s -> 28,89s

    Battle of the Worlds

    • If there are more than 180 registered players, the lobby will split into two different matches

    Battlemode changes

    • Team Battle Royale is now taking place at 22:00 CET
    • 22:00 Capture the Flag shifted to 23:00 CET
    • Boss Wars is not disabled anymore and 24/7 playable
    • Battleground is disabled from 20:30 - 22:30

    Battlemode UI

    • A new more fancy looking UI has been added and replaces the old dropdown menu
    • It features a win counter and also a personal kill record display
    • Crown = Wins
    • Sword = Personal Kill Record


    • Upgrade-Chat sounds can be muted now
    • Camera Shake on critical hits can be turned off now


    • Assasins get 12 points for each kill in the BR ranking now
    • All-Seeing Gaze(S-6) is displayed in front of the buff bar now
    • Companions are not gone when you disconnect in battlemodes anymore
    • Reworked some icons
    • Potential fix for not getting any loot buff from mission war
    • Fixed 11th win on the RPS machine

    Item Shop

    • A new companion called "Hell Vermin" has been added
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