Patchnotes 05.12.2020

  • Upgrading

    • You can just double click on your items, if you want to use them for upgrading
    • A window appears now which updates your item after upgrading/enchanting/magic upgrading/opening arcanes etc.


    • Deffence stance has been changed to flat values (15% / 5%) -> 140 phy /50 magic
    • Blood- and Mana Sacrifice cannot be casted into nothing anymore


    • Summoner's pet follows you the same speed even with whip activated
    • Summoner's pet cannot stun through objects anymore
    • Evocate Monster's damage on monsters is now capped on 1500


    • Invisible skills have been fixed
    • Fixed a bug causing magician's "Shadow Leap" teleporting their target into them
    • Boss Wars and Battle of the Worlds backports work now
    • Fixed a bug with archer's "Battle Cry" on targets with expiring stuns
    • Speedbug in Playground and tournament has been fixed
    • Fixed a collision bug in Playground
    • Fixed a bug when applying a stun on a target which has the same stun expiring, causing the stun take no effect
    • Facebook and Discord link shouldn't disconnect you anymore
    • Fixed a rare bug which allowed you to have unlimited lifes in BR
    • Fixed weapon switch on magic classes causing you to be visible
    • Switching races on animations has been fixed
    • Fixed a bug with casting release
    • Fixed a bug allowing you to take a buff of your choice into tournaments
    • Fixed a bug with automatic mana potion
    • Ally HP Bar setting safes correctly now


    • Right-click to donate life in BR while feared works now
    • Deffence/attack stances for warriors and priests are instantly applied when joining battlemodes
    • To avoid an animation problem in BR with assasins, enemies see the actual race of assasins again
    • Using speed potion when you have a buff which is faster is blocked now
    • Having a speed potion activated and you use a spell which is faster, replaces now the speed potion
    • Priest's and warrior's tournament shield have actual good options now
    • Companion window displays now its color
    • Added an afk farm protection
    • RPS 1. win has been reduced 5 gemstone -> 2 gemstone
    • Viewers can be turned off in Playgrounds now

    Item Shop

    • Dark Aura has been removed
    • Aron companion and transformation rune has been added

  • Vision

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