Battle of the Worlds

  • Battle of the Worlds

    Battle of the Worlds is back with a few tweaks since it got removed in April this year.


    • BoW will take place at wednesday and saturday at 20:30
    • Mission War will be replaced at those days


    • Same rewards as in Mission War
      • Winners: +25% Loot Buff
      • Draw: Everyone +15% Loot buff


    • Classes will be balanced equally like in Capture the Flag
    • Everyone is taken

    Other changes

    • Some small map changes
    • A buff npc has been added
    • Battle duration 40 min. -> 25 min.
    • Small additions like instant buffs and a mvp message have also been added
    • New items have been added to the BP Shop

    Battle Royale

    • The party member UI has been reworked
    • You are able to see now all your party member's positive and negative buffs
    • "Option group member" option no longer has to be adjusted every match
    • Lifes are now displayed instead of your level


    • An option has been added which allows you to mute a specific player until the match has finished
    • Just right-click and press "Mute"


    • It's possible to click on party members while feared now
    • You can inspect everyone in tournaments and playgrounds now
    • Possible fix for chat lags has been applied
    • Intelligence and strength option on tournament weapons has been halfed
    • Tournament weapons are +24*4 now
    • Fixed some translation issues
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