Patchnotes 22.10.2020

  • Mount [Experimental]

    • The mount system has been reworked
    • It should be more consistent and less sensitive for lag now

    Mission War

    • The registration panel displays now the relation between registered Valorian and Derion players
    • Fixed a bug where the war didn't end on Colossus Mountains

    Battle Royale

    • Warriors now get 15 points per kill for the ranking instead of 10
    • Dragonrod has been removed from the map pool
    • Enemies' guild emblems aren't displayed anymore


    • Greenscreen area has been added for our creatives
    • You can access it from Harmony Plain(Tebekut)


    • Fixed a bug where the rank "Winged Gold Crown *5" was displayed wrong
    • To claim a reward in castle war, two captured statues also fulfill the requirement now
    • You can't buy enemies' traps in the Tyconteroga castle war anymore
    • Storage Request(permanent)has been fixed and is useable from everywhere now
    • Fixed an issue with the auctioneer
    • You cannot have more than 100 items in your cash deposit now
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.