Patchnotes 17.10.2020

  • Mission War

    • Collossus Mountains has been added to the map pool
    • Mirhur has been reworked to give Valorian more counterplay

    Capture the Flag

    • Players who successfully captured the flag, get 2 extra chests for each flag
    • The loosing country gets 4 instead of 5 chests
    • In case of a tie, you get 5 instead of 6 chests


    • Fixed a bug with the spectator killcount
    • You don't loose your buffs when spectating anymore
    • You can queue up for mission war while spectating now
    • Fixed some minor bugs

    Castle War

    • You need at least one kill or 5 assists to claim a reward now
    • The ranking now shows your war country

    Boss Wars

    • The queue window now displays which class types are registered
      • DD = Damage Dealer
      • E = Eye
      • S = Support


    • Your summoned pet attacks invisible targets correctly now
    • Fixed multiple bugs with the protection crystal and it works on every battle mode now
    • Monsters from the skill "Evocate Monster" cannot be targeted and don't block your tab anymore


    • Monthly ranking cloaks are +24 now
    • Fixed the balance buff in dungeons
    • Cloak color and guild icon are transferred into Battle Royale now
    • Paladin's Cloak's texture is slightly darker
    • You can't throw away costumes anymore

    Item Shop

    • Hawaiian Clothing and Headdress has been removed
    • Formula of Transformation Zebra has been added
  • Vision

    Approved the thread.