Playground & Battle Royale Ranking

  • Playground

    UI Overview

    Solo Queue

    • You can choose whether you like to play against your own class or any
    • The settings in the solo queue are set to default which are the following
      • Default map
      • 10 minutes length
      • No mount and invisibility potions only when both players are wizards
      • 45 seconds preparation time

    How to create a lobby

    • Simply choose all settings and click on "Create Lobby"
    • Your lobby appears now in the lobby list
    • Players can simply press the "Join" button to enter the lobby if you didn't set your lobby on private
    • After you have created your lobby you can still change any option
    • Only the lobby owner can change options
    • The lobby owner canot switch the team
    • If you would like to delete your lobby you can click on the "cancel" button


    • Simply click on the "Spectate" button and you will be teleported into the selected match
    • Solo queue matches cannot be spectated


    • Every player in the lobby has to pay the selected bet, which will be added to a prize pool
    • The prize pool will be divided among the winners at the end of the match
    • The match won't start if any of the players can't pay the selected bet or declined it

    Side information

    • Everyone gets equal equipment and jewellery
    • Companions don't have any impact
    • It's not possible to have any advantage in terms of stats, potions or items
    • No miss at all
    • You can leave your lobby by using the "Leave" button
    • You can't join any lobby if you are in a pvp queue or already in a lobby
    • Lobby owners have to delete their own lobby first if they would like to join another
    • The preparation time increases depending on the player size
    • You can start your match even if you don't have enough players, corresponding to your selected match type
    • Eopar has the default tournament size but Frozen Hollows is slightly bigger
    • Your lobby gets deleted after some time
    • Playground is disabled from 18:00 - 18:30 (Server time)

    Battle Royale Ranking

    • A Battle Royale ranking has been added
    • The ranking ships a weekly and a total ranking
    • The weekly ranking resets every night from friday to saturday and rewards the first 3 places
    • The first 3 places receive new special cloaks
    • Scoring is calculated as followed

    Sky Islands

    • The invisible walls don't block your field of view anymore


    • You can't use "Force Teleportation" on the mission war patron anymore
    • Percentages in the castle war tick 50% slower now
    • Changed the appearance of Holy Knight's and Guild Master's cloak
    • Warlord and Combatant receive two different styles of their cloaks now
    • Fixed a Sky Islands map crash
    • Fixed a Boss Wars map crash
    • Increased the chance of dropping Shining Sphere from the BR-Winner chest

  • Vision

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